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Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind – 1982

About the song

If you are a fan of country music, you probably know the song “Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson. It is one of his most famous and beloved hits, and it has a fascinating history behind it. In this blog post, I will tell you how this song came to be, and why it is so special.

The song was written by three songwriters: Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher, and Mark James. They were not thinking of anyone specific when they wrote the lyrics, which are about regretting not being a better partner to someone you love. The song expresses the hope that the person you left behind still thinks of you fondly, even though you made mistakes.

The first artist to record the song was Gwen McCrae, a soul singer, in 1972. Later that year, Elvis Presley also recorded a version of the song, which became a hit after his divorce from Priscilla Presley. Many people thought the song was about their relationship, but it was actually a coincidence. Elvis liked the song because he was a fan of Brenda Lee, who had also recorded it earlier that year.

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The song was not a big success until 1982, when Willie Nelson decided to record it for his album “Always On My Mind”. He had heard the song from Johnny Christopher, who was playing guitar on his session with Merle Haggard. Willie liked the song so much that he recorded it in one take, with minimal changes to the original arrangement. He sang it with his distinctive voice and emotion, making it his own.

The song became a huge hit for Willie Nelson, reaching #1 on the country charts and #5 on the pop charts. It also won him three Grammy Awards: Best Male Country Vocal Performance, Best Country Song, and Song of the Year. The song is considered one of his signature songs, and one of the best country songs of all time.

“Always On My Mind” is a song that touches many people’s hearts, because it is honest and relatable. It shows that love is not perfect, and that we sometimes take it for granted. But it also shows that love can endure, even when we are apart.


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