About the song

If you are a fan of classic Motown music, you probably know the song “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes. It was the first single by the group, and also the first Motown song to reach the number-one position on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart in late 1961 . But do you know the history behind this iconic song? In this blog post, we will explore how “Please Mr. Postman” came to be, who wrote it, who played on it, and how it influenced other artists.

The Marvelettes were five teenage girls from Inkster, Michigan, who formed a singing group in high school. They auditioned for Motown in 1961, but they didn’t have any original songs to perform. Luckily, one of their friends, William Garrett, had written a blues song called “Please Mr. Postman” that he offered to them. However, the song needed some changes to fit the Motown style. Georgia Dobbins, one of the group members, rewrote the lyrics and melody, keeping only the title. She also taught the song to Gladys Horton, who was the lead singer of The Marvelettes .

When The Marvelettes recorded the song, they got some help from other Motown artists. Florence Ballard of The Supremes coached them on how to sing with more energy and emotion. Marvin Gaye played drums on the track, as he was still trying to make a name for himself as a musician. And Freddie Gorman, a postman who also sang with The Originals, contributed some lyrics to the song. He had a personal connection to the theme of waiting for a letter from a lover, as he had served in the Korean War and knew how it felt to miss someone .

“Please Mr. Postman” was a huge hit for The Marvelettes and Motown. It sold over a million copies and earned a gold record. It also inspired many cover versions by other artists, such as The Beatles, The Carpenters, and The Chipettes. The song has become a classic of pop music and a symbol of the Motown sound .

In this blog post, we have learned some interesting facts about “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes. We hope you enjoyed reading it and listening to this timeless song. If you want to hear more from The Marvelettes, you can find their music on Spotify or YouTube . Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more blog posts about classic music!