About the song

One of the most iconic songs of the early 1960s was “Sherry” by The Four Seasons, a vocal group from New Jersey that combined doo-wop harmonies with rock and roll energy. The song, written by lead singer Frankie Valli and producer Bob Crewe, was the group’s first single and their first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in September 1962. It stayed on top for five weeks and sold over a million copies.

The song was inspired by Valli’s ex-girlfriend, who had the same name as his daughter. Valli wanted to write a song that would showcase his distinctive falsetto voice and appeal to teenage girls. He came up with the melody and the chorus, while Crewe helped him with the lyrics and the arrangement. The song was recorded in one take at Stea-Phillips Studios in New York City, with Valli singing live over a backing track played by session musicians.

The song was an instant hit, launching The Four Seasons into stardom and establishing their signature sound. It also influenced many other artists, such as The Beach Boys, who covered the song in 1965. The song has been featured in many movies, TV shows, and musicals, such as Jersey Boys, which tells the story of The Four Seasons. The song is considered a classic of pop music and one of the best songs of all time.