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Nat King Cole – The Very Thought Of You

About the song

Welcome to my blog, where I share my love for music and the stories behind some of my favorite songs. Today, I want to talk about a classic song by Nat King Cole, one of the most influential and popular singers of the 20th century. The song is called “The Very Thought of You”, and it’s a beautiful expression of love and devotion.

The song was written by Ray Noble, a British composer and bandleader, in 1934. It was first recorded by Noble and his orchestra, with vocals by Al Bowlly, and became a hit in both the UK and the US. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, such as Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Rod Stewart.

But perhaps the most famous and beloved version of the song is by Nat King Cole, who recorded it in 1958 for his album of the same name. The album was arranged and conducted by Gordon Jenkins, who also worked with Cole on his previous albums “Love Is the Thing” and “Stardust”. The album featured 14 romantic ballads, all sung with Cole’s smooth and warm voice.

The Very Thought of You was one of the highlights of the album, showcasing Cole’s ability to convey emotion and sincerity with his singing. The song has a simple but elegant melody, supported by a lush orchestral arrangement that creates a dreamy atmosphere. The lyrics are sweet and poetic, expressing how the mere idea of the loved one fills the singer’s mind and heart with joy.

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The song has become a standard in the pop and jazz repertoire, and has been used in many movies and TV shows, such as “Casablanca”, “The Notebook”, “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, and “The Crown”. It’s also a popular choice for weddings and anniversaries, as it captures the essence of true love.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to The Very Thought of You by Nat King Cole. If you want to listen to the song, you can find it on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. You can also learn more about the song’s history and lyrics on Genius or Wikipedia. And if you want to explore more of Nat King Cole’s music, you can visit his official website or follow him on social media.

Thank you for reading my blog, and stay tuned for more posts about music and songs. Until next time, keep listening to your heart!



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