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The song “Harbor Lights” was originally written by Hugh Williams (the pseudonym of exiled Austrian composer Will Grosz) and lyrics by Northern Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy. It was first recorded by Roy Fox & his Orchestra with vocal by Barry Gray in London on January 29, 1937.

The song became a hit again in the 1950s, with the biggest-selling version recorded by the Sammy Kaye orchestra. The recording was released by Columbia Records as a 78 rpm single and a 45 rpm single, and it reached number one on the Billboard charts in September 1950.

Elvis Presley recorded his version of “Harbor Lights” on January 10, 1954, at Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee. His version was released as a single on February 19, 1954, and it reached number 11 on the Billboard Country Singles chart.

Presley’s version of “Harbor Lights” is a classic example of his early rockabilly sound. It features a driving beat, Scotty Moore’s twangy guitar, and Presley’s soulful vocals. The song is also notable for its romantic lyrics, which describe a sailor’s longing for his sweetheart back home.

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Presley’s version of “Harbor Lights” has been covered by many other artists over the years, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Roy Orbison. It remains a popular song today, and it is often considered to be one of Presley’s best early recordings.

Although Presley’s version of “Harbor Lights” was not a commercial success at the time of its release, it has since become a classic rockabilly song and a fan favorite. It is a testament to Presley’s talent and charisma that he was able to transform a relatively obscure song into a rockabilly standard.

Let’s enjoy the song through the video!

For an immersive experience of Elvis Presley’s “Harbor Lights” check out the official video. Let the King’s soulful voice transport you to a realm of musical brilliance.

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