About the song

If you are a fan of classic pop music, you probably know the song “My Eyes Adored You” by Frankie Valli, the lead singer of The Four Seasons. But do you know the history behind this romantic ballad that became a number one hit in 1975? In this blog post, we will explore the origins, lyrics and legacy of this timeless tune.

The song was written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan, two successful songwriters who had worked with The Four Seasons before. They originally intended the song for The Four Seasons, but their label, Motown, rejected it. Crewe and Nolan then offered the song to Valli as a solo artist, but Motown also turned it down. Valli decided to buy the rights to the song and record it with his own money. He then shopped the song to various labels until he found a deal with Private Stock Records.

The song tells the story of a man who secretly loved a girl since they were children, but never had the courage to tell her. He wonders if she ever felt the same way about him, and hopes that she is happy wherever she is. The song is based on Crewe’s own experience of having a childhood crush on a girl named Mary Mandel, who later became a photographer for Life magazine.

The song was released in November 1974 and slowly climbed the charts until it reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in March 1975 . It was Valli’s first solo number one hit, and his first chart-topper since “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)” with The Four Seasons in 1976. The song also peaked at number two on the Easy Listening chart , and sold over one million copies in the US.

The song has been covered by many artists over the years, including Gloria Gaynor, Barry Manilow, Maureen McGovern, Andy Williams and Pet Shop Boys. It was also featured in the musical Jersey Boys, which tells the story of The Four Seasons, and in the movie adaptation of the same name. The song remains one of Valli’s most popular and beloved songs, and a classic example of his smooth and soulful voice.