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Elvis Presley’s Iconic Hit: “You’re the Devil in Disguise”

Have you ever heard of the song “You’re the Devil in Disguise” by Elvis Presley? This timeless classic, written by Bernie Baum, Bill Giant, and Florence Kaye, became an instant hit when it was released as a single on August 20, 1963. Let’s delve into the story behind this rock and roll gem and appreciate its enduring popularity.

The Birth of a Chart-Topping Hit

The magic of “You’re the Devil in Disguise” was captured on June 25, 1963, at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, California. Under the expert production of Felton Jarvis, Elvis Presley recorded this captivating song backed by the talented Jordanaires and the soulful saxophone of Boots Randolph. The arrangement was skillfully crafted by Bill Justis, resulting in a catchy rock and roll tune with a strong beat and an unforgettable melody.

The Alluring Devil in Disguise

This song tells the tale of a woman who possesses such beauty and charm that she is akin to the devil in disguise. Men are irresistibly drawn to her, willingly bending to her every whim. It’s a simple yet profound concept that resonates with listeners. The lyrics beautifully capture the feeling of being spellbound by someone’s beguiling presence, making it no wonder that “You’re the Devil in Disguise” quickly climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart on September 7, 1963, where it reigned supreme for two weeks.

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An Enduring Legacy

“You’re the Devil in Disguise” remains one of Elvis Presley’s most beloved hits. Its impact extends beyond his fan base, as this iconic song has been covered by numerous artists over the years. It has also made appearances in various films such as “Viva Las Vegas” (1964), television shows like “The Wonder Years” (1989), and even in the hit series “Full House” (1995).

Experience the Magic

To fully appreciate the enchanting power of “You’re the Devil in Disguise,” I invite you to watch the official music video. Immerse yourself in the soulful voice of the King as he takes you on a mesmerizing journey through a realm of musical brilliance.

Watch the official music video

Sing Along with Elvis

Here are the lyrics of “You’re the Devil in Disguise” for those who want to join in the fun!

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel

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