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Elvis Presley – Young and Beautiful 1957

Did You Know?

Young and Beautiful” is a song that was popularized by Elvis Presley. It was featured in his 1957 movie “Jailhouse Rock,” where he performed it onscreen. The song was written by Aaron Schroeder and Abner Silver. It’s a ballad that reflects on the fleeting nature of youth and beauty, expressing the sentiment that even though someone might be young and beautiful now, those qualities will eventually fade with time.

Elvis Presley’s rendition of “Young and Beautiful” became a hit, and it’s remembered as one of his many iconic songs. The song’s inclusion in the movie “Jailhouse Rock” further contributed to its popularity and association with Elvis’ early career. Over the years, Elvis’ version of the song has remained a nostalgic favorite among fans and is often included in compilations and retrospectives of his music.

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Lyrics “Young And Beautiful”

You’re so young and beautiful and I love you so
Your lips so red, your eyes that shine
Shame the stars that glow
So fill these lonely arms of mine
And kiss me tenderly
Then you’ll be forever young
And beautiful to me

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You’re so young and beautiful, you’re everything I love
Your angel smile, your gentle touch
Are all I’m dreaming of
Oh take this heart I offer you
And never set me free
Then you’ll be forever young
And beautiful to me

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