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Elvis Presley – What Now My Love (1973)

Did You Know?

What Now My Love is a popular song that was originally written in French as “Et maintenant” by composer Gilbert Bécaud and lyricist Pierre Delanoë. The French version was first recorded by Bécaud in 1961. The English lyrics were written by Carl Sigman, and the song gained international popularity after being recorded by various artists, including Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley recorded his version of “What Now My Love” in 1973, and it was included on his album titled “Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite.” This album was recorded during a live concert broadcast from Hawaii and is known for its iconic performance and worldwide broadcast. Elvis’ rendition of “What Now My Love” showcased his emotional vocal delivery and dynamic stage presence.

The song has been covered by numerous artists over the years, becoming a standard in the easy listening and pop music genres. It’s a poignant song that explores themes of lost love and reflection, and the emotional depth of the lyrics has contributed to its enduring popularity.

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Lyrics “What Now My Love”

What now my love
Now that you left me
How can I live through another day
Watching my dreams turn into ashes
And all my hopes into bits of clay
Once I could see, once I could feel
Now I’m a numb
I’ve become unreal

I walk the night, oh, without a goal
Stripped of my heart, my soul
What now my love
Now that it’s over
I feel the world closing in on me
Here comes the stars
Tumbling around me
And there’s the sky where the sea should be

What now my love
Now that you’re gone
I’d be a fool to go on and on
No one would care, no one would cry
If I should live or die

What now my love
Now there is nothing
Only my last goodbye
Only my last goodbye

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