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Elvis Presley – That’s All Right (’68 Comeback Special)

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“That’s All Right” was Elvis Presley’s debut single, released on July 19, 1954. It was recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, with Scotty Moore on guitar and Bill Black on bass. The song was a cover of a blues standard by Arthur Crudup, but Elvis and his band put their own unique spin on it, creating a new sound that would come to be known as rock ‘n’ roll.

“That’s All Right” was an instant hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Country Singles chart and number four on the Billboard R&B Singles chart. It also became a crossover hit, reaching number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s success launched Elvis Presley’s career and made him one of the biggest stars in the world.

“That’s All Right” on the ’68 Comeback Special

In 1968, Elvis Presley decided to make a comeback to live performance after a seven-year period during which he focused on his film appearances. He recorded a television special, which aired on NBC on December 3, 1968, and is now known as the ’68 Comeback Special.

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For the ’68 Comeback Special, Elvis Presley wanted to return to his roots and perform the kind of music that made him famous. He reunited with Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, his original backing musicians, and recorded a raw “sit-down” performance of his earliest and most favorite songs, including “That’s All Right.”

Elvis Presley’s performance of “That’s All Right” on the ’68 Comeback Special is considered to be one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll performances of all time. It is a powerful and emotional performance that showcases Elvis Presley’s unique talent and charisma.

Let’s enjoy the song through the video!

For an immersive experience of Elvis Presley’s “That’s All Right” check out the official video. Let the King’s soulful voice transport you to a realm of musical brilliance.

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