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Elvis Presley – Proud Mary

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Proud Mary” is a rock and roll song written and recorded by John Fogerty and his band Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) in 1969. It was released as a single in November of that year and reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has since been covered by many artists, including Elvis Presley, who released his version in 1970.

Presley’s version of “Proud Mary” is a live recording from his concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City on June 10, 1972. It was released on his album Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden later that year. Presley’s version of the song is a high-energy performance that showcases his powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a riverboat queen named Proud Mary. The singer describes how he left his job in the city and hitched a ride on Proud Mary. He sings about how the riverboat is a place where people can be free and happy.

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Let’s enjoy the song through the video!

Here are the lyrics of the song: “Proud Mary”


Left a good job in the city
Workin’ for the man every night and day
Haven’t ever lost one minute of sleeping
Worried about the way things might have beenBeen a lot of places down in Memphis
I umped a lot of babes down in New Orleans
Had a lot of shots at good times in the city
Till I hitched a ride on a river bout queen

A big wheel keeps on turnin’
Proud Mary keeps on burnin’, rollin’, rollin’
Rollin’ on a river
Rollin, rollin, rollin on a river

If you come down to the river
I betcha you’re gonna find some people who live
You don’t have to worry
‘Cause you have no money
People along the river are happy to give

I said a big wheel keeps on turnin’
Proud Mary keeps on burnin’, rollin’, rollin’
Rollin’ on a river
Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on a river

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