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Elvis Presley – Patch It Up (1970 )

Did You Know?

Patch It Up” is a song recorded by Elvis Presley that was released on his 1970 album That’s the Way It Is. It was written by Randy Starr and originally recorded by Clarence Carter in 1969.
The album was released as the soundtrack to the documentary film of the same name, which showcased Elvis’s rehearsals and performances in Las Vegas during the summer of 1970. Some key facts about “Patch It Up”:

  • It has a soul/R&B style and features a prominent horn section.
  • The lyrics depict the singer trying to reconcile with his lover after an argument, asking her to “patch it up” and get back together.
  • It was recorded at American Sound Studio in Memphis in early 1970, produced by Felton Jarvis.
  • The song showcased Presley’s ability to cover soul and R&B songs in his own style.
  • It was never released as a single, but it did appear on the That’s the Way It Is album which reached #8 on the Billboard charts after its release in November 1970.
  • Patch It Up” is considered one of the stronger and more memorable non-single tracks from Elvis’s early 70s recordings.
  • Elvis Presley remains a cultural icon and one of the most influential figures in the history of popular music. His impact on the music industry and popular culture continues to be felt long after his passing in 1977.
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“Patch It Up” (from “That’s The Way It Is” soundtrack)

We’ve got to patch it up baby
Before we fall apart at the seams
We’ve got to patch it up baby
In the time we travel in our dreams
Let’s go back and test it again
One more ride is all I ask
Get that feelin’, that old feelin’, it is hereWe can patch it up baby,
We can patch it up baby,
We can patch it up baby,
Patch it up with all our dreams
We can patch it up baby,
Sweep out all the trouble of our heart
We’ve got to patch it up baby,
Before our difference pulls us apartLet’s go where the good luck lies
Let us give it one more try
Do you feel it? That old feelin’?
Do you feel it?

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