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Elvis Presley – I Believe in the Man in the Sky

About the song

If you are a fan of Elvis Presley, you probably know his gospel songs, such as “I Believe in the Man in the Sky”. But do you know the history behind this song? In this blog post, I will tell you some interesting facts about this song and how it reflects Elvis’s faith and musical style.

“I Believe in the Man in the Sky” was recorded by Elvis on October 30, 1960, at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee . It was written by Richard Howard, who also wrote other gospel songs for Elvis, such as “He Knows Just What I Need” and “Somebody Bigger Than You and I”. The song was originally recorded by Bill Kenny, a member of the vocal group The Ink Spots, in 1953.

The song is a declaration of faith in God, who watches over us and helps us through our difficulties. The lyrics use the metaphor of a sparrow to describe how God cares for even the smallest and weakest of His creatures. The song also expresses gratitude and praise to God for His love and guidance.

The song was released as part of Elvis’s first gospel album, “His Hand in Mine”, which reached number 13 on the Billboard pop album chart and number 3 on the Billboard religious album chart. The album was certified platinum by the RIAA in 1992. The song was also included in Elvis’s 1974 compilation album, “Elvis: A Legendary Performer Volume 2”, which featured rare and unreleased recordings.

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The song showcases Elvis’s powerful and expressive voice, as well as his passion for gospel music. Elvis grew up listening to gospel music in church and on the radio, and he often sang gospel songs with his friends and family. He once said, “Since I was two years old, all I knew was gospel music. It became such a part of my life, it was as natural as dancing. A way to escape my problems, and my way of release.”

“I Believe in the Man in the Sky” is one of the many songs that reveal Elvis’s spiritual side and his devotion to God. It is a song that can inspire us to trust in God and to praise Him for His goodness. It is also a song that demonstrates Elvis’s musical talent and versatility. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen to it here.


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