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Apache – The Shadows – 1964

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Dive into the history of “Apache” by The Shadows, a timeless instrumental piece that has left an indelible mark on the world of music. The video featured here captures The Shadows’ mesmerizing performance on the Belgian TV show ‘De Topcollectie Van’ in 1964. This rendition of the classic track has been meticulously upscaled and colorized, breathing new life into the original film.

Penned by the skilled English composer Jerry Lordan, “Apache” initially found its voice through guitarist Bert Weedon’s rendition. However, Lordan was not satisfied with this version, paving the way for the iconic rendition that would follow.

The Shadows embarked on their recording journey in June 1960, and their version of “Apache” saw the light of day the following month. Astonishingly, the track soared to the summit of the UK Singles Chart, reigning supreme for an impressive five weeks. Concurrently, Bert Weedon’s original release of the song entered the scene, achieving a commendable position at number 24.

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Fast forward to 1973, and “Apache” experienced a revival in the hands of the Incredible Bongo Band. Their rendition of the track has been heralded as “hip-hop’s national anthem,” a testament to its enduring impact. Although the song’s immediate success was modest, its lengthy and captivating percussion break became a treasure trove for hip-hop and dance producers, who sampled it extensively from the 1980s onward.

In recognition of its enduring influence, “Apache” by The Shadows secured a spot on Q magazine’s prestigious list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks in March 2005, landing at an impressive No. 96. From its humble beginnings to its continued prominence in contemporary music, “Apache” stands as a testament to the timeless power of instrumental artistry.

For more authoritative information about The Shadows and their contributions to the world of music, you can visit the Wikipedia page.

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