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All My Tomorrows by Frank Sinatra – 1961

Did You Know?

  • All My Tomorrows” is a beautiful song performed by Frank Sinatra. It was written by Sammy Cahn and James Van Heusen, and it was recorded by Sinatra in 1961 for his album “All the Way.” The song is a heartfelt reflection on love and the future, with lyrics that convey a sense of hope and commitment. Sinatra’s smooth and emotive vocal delivery added to the song’s popularity and enduring appeal.
  • The song’s lyrics convey a sentiment of unwavering love and devotion, promising to cherish and embrace the future together. It’s a classic example of the kind of romantic ballads that Sinatra was renowned for. The song has been covered by various artists over the years and remains a beloved part of Frank Sinatra’s musical legacy.

All My Tomorrows is a romantic ballad sung by Frank Sinatra that was released in 1961. The lyrics express the singer’s deep love and commitment to his partner, vowing to be with her for all of his tomorrows (future days).

Some key lyrics include:

  • “All my tomorrows belong to you” – The singer promises his future is dedicated to his love.
  • “Right from the start in every beating of my heart / I knew my tomorrows you’d be sharing” – He felt destined to be with her even from the very beginning.
  • “All of my tomorrows, all of my sweet dreamings / You’re the one I’m living for each day” – She is his reason for living and dreaming.
  • “All of my deep longings, all of my high hopings / Stay in my arms and love me my way” – He longs to hold her close forever.
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Overall the song has a warm, romantic feeling as Sinatra pledges his eternal devotion. It’s a timeless love ballad and classic Sinatra tune from the early 1960s.

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“All My Tomorrows”

Today I may not have a thing at all except for just a dream or two
But I’ve got lots of plans for tomorrow and all my tomorrows belong to you
Right now it may not seem like spring at all, we’re drifting and the laughs are few
But I’ve got rainbows planned for tomorrow, and all my tomorrows belong to you
No one knows better than I that luck keeps passing me by … that’s fate
But with you there at my side, I’ll soon be turning the tide … just wait
As long as I’ve got arms that cling at all, it’s you that I’ll be clinging to
And all the dreams I dream, beg, or borrow on some bright tomorrow they’ll all come true
And all my bright tomorrows belong to you

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