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All I Needed Was the Rain – Elvis Presley – 1967

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All I Needed Was the Rain” is a timeless creation by the iconic Elvis Presley, showcasing his undeniable musical prowess. Penned by the talented duo Sid Wayne and Ben Weisman, this captivating song was brought to life on October 2, 1967, within the walls of RCA’s Nashville Studios. Its haunting melodies and poignant lyrics have etched it into the hearts of fans across generations.

This soulful track found its way into the spotlight through its appearance in the 1968 film “Stay Away, Joe,” adding an extra layer of depth to the movie’s narrative. An intriguing touch is the film version’s closing moments, where Elvis himself engages in a spoken exchange, accompanied by the distant howls of dogs, creating a unique auditory experience.

Gerry McLafferty, a connoisseur of musical expression, aptly characterizes the song as “bluesy,” bestowing it with a genuine and raw emotional quality. A true gem in Presley’s repertoire, “All I Needed Was the Rain” remains a treasured addition not only to his musical legacy but also to the cinematic tapestry of the time.

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Hello misfortune, how’s my old friend Mr. Misery?I’ve been away so long I bet you thought you seen the last of meI got no bed to rest my headNo doors or walls or window paneNow all I needed was the rainRain, rain, rain, rain, yeah
Met a little honey at the Buzzin’ Bumble Bee CafeYes, I didOne drink and all my money and that honeybee had flown awayI’m ’bout as low as I can goI don’t really mean to complainNow all I needed was the rainRain, rain, rain, rain
All I needed was this rainAll I needed was the rain, mh-mh-mh

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