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🎡 All or Nothing – Small Faces – 1966 🎡

🎸🎀 Did You Know? 🎡 All or Nothing – Small Faces – 1966 🎡🎸🎀

Step back in time to a vibrant era of rock ‘n’ roll as we dive into the mesmerizing world of Small Faces! Join us on a journey through music history as we explore their iconic appearance on the West-German rock music series “Beat! Beat! Beat!” Get ready to witness the magic of “All or Nothing” in full color glory!

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Picture this: the stage is set, the energy is electric, and Small Faces are about to unleash their first killer and chart-topper – the sublime ‘All or Nothing’. From the unmistakable opening tom-tom roll, courtesy of Kenney Jones, to the subtly savage chords that follow, every note is a testament to the band’s prowess.

The ride chorus kicks in, inviting everyone on the dance floor to join in and channel their inner Stevie Marriott. The build-up to the crescendo is nothing short of magnificent, leading to a chaotic cymbal-crashing finish that’s utterly cathartic. This performance marks the entry of Small Faces into the main rock ‘n’ roll action of the mid-’60s, solidifying their place among the competition to create the one perfect single of all time.

🎡 Lyrics Song 🎡

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Small Faces and the undeniable impact of their hit “All or Nothing.” 🎢🎸🎀

I thought you’d listen to my reasonBut now I see, you don’t hear a thingTry to make you see, how it’s got to be
Yes it’s all, all or nothingYeah yeah, all or nothingAll or nothing, for me
Things could work outJust like I want them to, yeahIf I could haveThe other half of you, yeahYou know I would,If I only could
Yes it’s yeah, all or nothingOh yeah, all or nothingYou’ll hear my children say,All or nothing, for me
I didn’t tell you no liesSo don’t you sit there and cry girlYeah, all or nothingOh yeah, all or nothingOh yeah, all or nothing
Do you know what I meanYou got to, got to, go to keep on trying, yeahAll or nothing, mm yeahAll or nothing, to keep on working on to meAll or nothing for me, for me, for me
Come on children, yeahAll or nothing, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahAll or nothing, I kept on singing to myselfAll or nothing, yeah for me, yeah


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