Remix Top 20

Week of February 23, 2015

The Remix Top 20 is compiled weekly based on influences from select Dance, Pop, and Top 40 charts, voting, single sales, web media views, favorites, loves, and likes. In addition to this, the top remixes and their respective remix artist(s) for each track are chosen to represent each track on the chart.

Setlists of the Remix Top 20 are posted HERE.

1 |LW: 1PEAK: 1

Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars

Matt Early & Mark Di Meo Remix

Dave Marque Remix

Original Track

2 |LW: 3PEAK: 2

Love Me Like You Do

Ellie Goulding


Original Track

Leeyou & Danceey Remix

3 |LW: 2PEAK: 2

Take Me To Church


Dj Mike D Remix

DIMARO & Tim Resler Remix

Original Track

4 |LW: 6PEAK: 4


Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney

The Him Remix

Original Track

Disco Suckz Remix

5 |LW: 4PEAK: 4

All Of You

Betty Who

Kevin Wild Remix

The Jane Doze Remix

Original Track

6 |LW: N/APEAK: 14

Right Now

Mary J. Blige

Zed Bias Remix

Original Track

Basment Jaxx Remix

7 |LW: 8PEAK: 7


Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding

Vicente Lara Remix

Original Track

Nomero Remix

9 |LW: 5PEAK: 4



Tracy Young Smack It In The Air Reconstruction

Wongo Remix

Original Track

10 |LW: 12PEAK: 10

Beg For It

Iggy Azalea feat. MØ

Zoo Station Club Mix

Original Track

White Vox Club Mix

11 |LW: 15PEAK: 11

The Nights


Mike Mago Remix

Felix Jaehn Remix

Original Track

13 |LW: 10PEAK: 4

Lips Are Movin’

Meghan Trainor

Jad Desenchanntee Vs Razor N Guido Remix

Dj Nicar Remix

Original Track

14 |LW: N/APEAK: 14

Living For Love


Offer Nissim Living For Drama Remix

Djemba Djemba Club Mix


15 |LW: 11PEAK: 6

Blind Heart

Cazzette feat. Terri B!

Didrick Remix

Carlos Gallardo Remix

Radio Edit

16 |LW: N/APEAK: 16

Earned It

The Weekend

Joa Velozo Remix

Original Track

17 |LW: 16PEAK: 16

Sun Goes Down

Robin Schulz feat. Jasmine Thompson

Radio Mix

ManiezzL Remix

Lenny Avalon Remix

18 |LW: N/APEAK: 18

Time of Our Lives

Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo

NDA Remix

Jumpsmokers Daytime Remix

Original Track

19 |LW: 17PEAK: 1

Shake It Off

Taylor Swift

Calvo Deep House Remix

Jad Desenchanntee vs. Dave Aude Remix

Original Track

20 |LW: 13PEAK: 13

I Like You

Tony Moran feat. Debby Holiday

Bonnis Maxx Remix

Edson Pride & Leandro Moraes Remix

Nick Bertossi Remix

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